Thank You to All Who Participated in WNO Fundraiser

Thank You!

WNO Fundraiser TY This big thank you goes to our generous, big-hearted Straw Dog Writers Community. Together we raised $12,000 from 60 donors. Donations ranged from $5 to $5,000 and every donation was gratefully received. For our Writers Night Out celebration at Michelson’s Gallery, we also had donations of food and wine from Cooper’s Corner, Big Y, and Provisions. Our advisors, Rich Michelson, Patricia Lee Lewis, and Bill Newman helped us to strategize our fundraiser. The fundraising committee; Jacqueline Sheehan, Mary Ann Scognamiglio, Lexi Johnson, and Stephanie Shafran met many times during spring. Fundraising is hard work but this group made it enjoyable. We benefited from the expertise of our Administrative Director Arianna Collins. So many of us pitched in to make our fundraising successful. Chris O’Carroll recited Straw Dog accomplishments in rapid fire eloquence. The staff at Michelson Gallery made us feel welcome. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out at our celebratory Writers Night Out on June 7th. If we list everyone who helped, well, it would be all of us. And that’s the point. We’re all working together. We can’t say it enough; thank you. And thank you again.