Membership updates & opportunities

Hello Straw Dog Writers Guild Members,

We are so grateful to all of you for your loyalty and continued support as Straw Dog Writers grows and develops as an organization. Without you, we would not have Straw Dog Writers, and all the offerings and opportunities we provide to the literary community of Western MA. Thank you!

Because of the increase in membership, renewals, and offerings over the past year, we thought it was a perfect time to try a new membership management system. With this growth, we wanted to increase our connection to each one of our members, and find ways to get our community even more connected. We are now using an online platform called MembershipWorks, and it works indeed.

Some benefits of the new Membership Management system:

  • Your membership is a tax-deductible donation. Our new system will send out emails with a receipt of your membership payment, which you can use for your taxes.
  • Members will have a membership directory on the website, in which you will have the option to list your website, social media links, photos, and bio. You will receive a unique membership login, and password, and have full access to your profile, to update, promote your new books, offer deals to other members for your workshops, services, etc… (this new offering will be launched this November 2018)cc
  • More Volunteering opportunities for members! With the new system, we are able to keep track of your interests and preferences for volunteer activities and will be reaching out to you to ask if you would like to be involved. There are many new opportunities coming up to be a part of a committee or a one-time event.

For example, later this fall we’re planning a fundraiser, The Dead Writers Dance. We need help with set up/clean up, selling raffles tickets, tickets at the door, and more. If you are not signed up already to be on one of our volunteer lists, please email me at and let me know what you are interested in doing.

With our new membership management system, we are hoping to increase our services to members. With each new member, we are able to pay another featured reader at one of our three monthly open mics. With each new member, we are able to pay another workshop leader to offer a free writing workshop to the community.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our new membership management system. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at one of our events soon.

Thank you so much for being a member, and supporting the literary community of Western MA.





Laura Stone – Admin Director