Waiting by Amy Laprade

A Straw Dog member from Franklin County, Amy Laprade is a writing coach and author of “So Nice To Finally Meet You…,” “Behind the Magic 8 Ball,” and “Silence Is Premeditated: A Collection.” Her poem “Deafening” will be forthcoming in The 64: Best Poets Of The Year, Black Mountain Press.


everything that ever mattered
rendered irrelevant

the future
gone dark

like outer space.

Constellations that’d once mapped the sky
to my dismay
no longer light the way

invisible thing
in the air

we breath
a strange kind of energy
unseen by the naked eye


and everywhere.

singular and absolute
the maker and breaker of all things today
tomorrow and until.

Without timelines
time is timeless

rhythm and routine
tethered to the wind

the cul-de-sac
for daylight hours

the round-a-bout
for every 24-hour cycle

another day

What to do…with all this time

Downtowns shuttered
I walk without destination

the familiar faces of neighbors
have faded into the folds of invisible fabric

and I smile my wooden smile
behind smelly cloth
at the ghost people
whose names I don’t know,
moving like vapor
through the grocery isles
to escape the summer humidity.

The phone
my only companion
pings endlessly
with political ads:

the body count
the vitriol
the dread of November

while I am left waiting