Things I’ll Keep by Lisa Gallant

Lisa Gallant is a writer and observer of life. She has a BA in Anthropology, is pursuing an MSW, and is self employed as a house cleaner. She enjoys rollerblading, biking and baguette baking.  She lives in Belchertown, MA with her kids and a cat who likes to sit on her computer.

Things I’ll Keep

I will keep the calm of this new life
the newfound ability to say no
the clarity of boundaries
the determination to no longer do
what does not serve

I will keep the softness
that has seeped into my hard places
The patience that is beginning to take hold
the gentleness toward myself
the voice that says
You are enough

I will keep this time with my daughter
the hard conversations
the listening, the learning
the deep, deep respect

I will keep the cat who makes us smile
who knows who needs us most
who asks just enough of us
to let us know we are needed
who seeks us out
to remind us that we are wanted

I will keep this home
the dishes that will
never be done
the flour on the counter
the piles of laundry that gather
the pattern of sun that moves through it
familiar to me now as the back of my hand

I will keep the strength of my community
the knowledge of my resourcefulness
the confidence in my ability to keep going

I will keep the heart that aches
the missing piece that is my son
the tears that fall
every single day
I will keep them too
These things