Becky Jones on Summer Writing Goals

Straw Dog

Setting your summer writing goals  and our recent Roundtable Discussion

Eight of us met on Saturday, June 10th to talk about our summer writing goals. Our goals ranged from the basics of getting back to our writing to sending our work out for publication: goals within the group were varied and unique; such as brainstorm writing ideas, dip into each topic, and find a project; establish a regular writing schedule; finish a first draft of a short story or chapter of a novel; listen to one’s manuscript be read aloud by the computer and note places of repetition, bad grammar, or clunkiness; revise a short story and then submit it; incorporate research into one’s novel; write or edit five poems for submission to the Straw Dog Writers Poetry Anthology that Jane Yolen will be editing; write five children’s songs.

We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we will meet mid-summer for ice cream at Herrell’s to see how we’re doing on our goals (and possibly do a little writing together). At the annual meeting, which happens to be the next roundtable discussion on September 9th at Lilly Library in Florence, we will also check in with each other to see if we met our goals. We welcome others to check in with us too.

Becky Jones