Report from under the leaves by Deborah Dill

Deborah Dill writes poetry, memoir, non-fiction, and is a public health nurse, urban habitat gardener, and Straw Dog member living in Middlesex County. Her poems have been published in Compass Roads, Peregrine, and anthologies. Her memoir, Believe the Bird: An End of Life Love Story is looking for a publisher.

Report from under the leaves

I can no longer frame the day.
One end finishes late, the other end starts late,
in between is peanut butter and jelly soft,
squared at the edge with disembodied faces
and voices I cannot touch.
Bad news runs into the next.
Two days ago blood clots, yesterday
six more symptoms, many more derangements.
Two million chickens die for nothing,
an emergency room physician dies
for what she can no longer bear.
I hide under leaves, hoping to go unnoticed
by any ill wind, wondering at the green courage
of the world. The mail carrier arrives,
his gloves held together with duct tape.
Everything so fragile while we wait.

April 28, end of week 7