Relying upon By C. D. Finley

C. D. “Fin” Finley is a writer living in Charlemont Mass (Franklin County). She attended Simmons Graduate School of Management and U. Mass. before returning to LaSalle University in 2000 for writing and was accepted to Bread Loaf Writing Conference in 2018, for fiction. Member Straw Dog Writers and SCBWI.

Relying upon

I rely on the coffee maker
on caffeine in darkness and bitterness
employing my ambitions
greasing them with motivation
firing the burners of my
arthritic efforts.

I rely on the shower
its perfect range of rain
falling on my rounded shoulders,
finding me standing too long
seeking youth renewal,
magical transformation.

I rely on the large window
I watch the mountain in,
its various states.
Look—today it has vanished again
in the mists.

I rely on the birds
swooping by
folding themselves like umbrellas,
opening wings as they must their hearts
to put up with us humans.

I rely on my cat
who tells me to wake up,
walking on me as I sleep.
If I step outside
she waits by the door.

I rely upon the grace of God
giving me my life ‘til now,
having forgiven my failings
as I cannot.

I rely on tomorrow as a concept
while doing the doings of the day,
frittering away pieces of time
knowing there will be more portions,
as if butter— always another stick.