May 15, 2015

Take Your Poet To Work Day

Coloring Book

Guest Blogger: Missy Wick

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Looking for the perfect birthday present for your poetic partner? Check out tweatspeak’s “Take Your Poet to Work Day” Coloring Book. The annual celebration of poetic genius has passed, but the fun continues. Just download the free book (below), cut out your poet of choice, color – in the lines or out – and adhere him or her to a stick. Now your poet – Emily Dickinson, Pablo Neruda, Langston Hughes, John Keats, or one of a host of others – is ready to accompany you wherever you go.

The folks at tweetspeak suggest you could:

– Print one for all your coworkers.

– Leave coloring pages on the cafeteria table.

– Give them to your customers.

You can also park your poet by your keyboard, near the shower (you might want to laminate), or next to the door, ready to grab when you go moor striding for inspiration.

You can download the coloring book here. Take stick poet selfies, and send them to us here; we’ll post them on the blog and share the literary fun.


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