I Dream of Wind by Lori Desrosiers

Lori Desrosiers’ poetry books are The Philosopher’s Daughter, Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak and Keeping Planes in the Air, all from Salmon Poetry. Two chapbooks, Inner Sky and typing with e.e. cummings, are from Glass Lyre Press. She edits Naugatuck River Review, a journal of narrative poetry and Wordpeace.co.

I Dream of Wind 

In this time of pandemic my dreamscape has changed from school buildings and beaches to Central Park, with its spring blossoms and giant budding willow trees. I am with my daughters and the wind is blowing hard, propelling pink and red blossoms, green willow branches, debris and even people into the air. We dip into a shop that connects to a tunnel under the street. I let the girls lead me into some sort of mall where people are trying to interact, their face masks on, their glasses foggy on grim noses. We are safe for now from the wind, the streets above. I wake and there is the north wind howling out my window, along with rain, shaking but not destroying the pine and maple trees here in Massachusetts. My husband is asleep beside me. We are safe in our home. The next day I call the girls, to make sure they have not yet blown away.