December 1, 2013

Who Knew an Annual Meeting Could Be So Magical?

Guest Blogger: Patricia lee Lewis



What I loved most about the Straw Dog Members party was the way each person walking through the front door of Jacqueline Sheehan’s wonderful home discovered that what seemed, from the outside, to be a tiny, fairytale farmhouse quickly became the Marvelous Expanding House of Writers.  All were greeted by dozens of smiling faces, yammering away as writers love to do in groups, and thankful to have found kindred souls.

Loud? Yes it was. Friendly? Yes, most certainly. Delicious? Amazingly. But 60 eager Straw Dog Members found a place to stand or sit, and quieted like flowers the moment the program began. We held the shortest Annual Meeting in the world, invited volunteers to work with us, and then sorceress Jane Yolen cast her enchantment over us all.

A magical evening? You can bet your favorite wand on it.


Jennifer & Jane
Jennifer Jacobson and Jane Yolen
Jane enchanting
Jane enchanting us all
Nancy & Becky
Nancy Rose chats with Becky Jones


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