Covid World by Sharon Harmon

Sharon A. Harmon, Straw Dog member, freelance writer and poet, writes for The Uniquely Quabbin Magazine and has two poetry chapbooks. She just had a story accepted for Chicken Soup, “Christmas is in the Air.” Sharon teaches workshops on poetry and writing for magazines and is currently working on two children’s picture books.

Covid World

The covid world
Feels off kilter
Like one hand clapping

We watch the news
inundated with sorrow
or we don’t watch and feel
alienated from others

our arms ache
for a hug from a child
parent or friend

we miss people and places
that were never on our radar
our dreams hang heavy
in the air

the taste of anxiety always
on our lips
the bitterness of fear
in the back of our throats

the lonesomeness of one flower
in the desert