Clichés by Rosemary Oliver

Rose Oliver is a retired Registered Nurse who lives in Berkshire County. She is a frequent participant in Berkshire County’s spoken poetry project: WordXWord. Her works have appeared in online and print journals.

Clichés by Rosemary Oliver


                Nothing lasts forever.

                (even poems that begin with trite clichés.)

                Time is upended,

                Rewound, unwound

                I am all wound



                What day, what

                Time is it?

                There is BC (before COVID)

                and now (I think it is Monday.)

                So, I stay all day

                in my PJs

                watch the news,

                Déjà vu- same as yesterday

                only worse.

                So, I cling to clichés

                Like there’s Power in Positive Thinking,

                Because nothing lasts forever.

                Not even poems that begin with trite clichés.

                Or pandemics.