Antidote to the Pandemic by Phyllis B. Katz

Phyllis Katz moved from Norwich, Vermont to Northampton recently . She is a member of the Straw Dogs Literary Guild. She has just finished her fourth book of poems, Ghost Orchids to be published by Dos Madres Press. She taught ancient and modern poetry at various schools before she retired.

Antidote to the Pandemic

Look, said a Tibetan Buddhist,
deep into the human heart,
find there the joys

of life, those
you love, treasures
of family, friends,

life’s gifts
there to find
in your memories.

Keep the blessings
life has given you
not the hurt it gave,

find the good in the human
heart and make it yours,
defeat your fear, your loneliness,

lose them in the gift
of the living of your life, and keep
this as your antidote.