What day is it By Ruth Lehrer

Ruth Lehrer is the author of the young adult novel, BEING FISHKILL (Candlewick.) She is a Pushcart nominated poet, with poems scattered through the web and woods. A Strawdog member, she lives in the Hampshire country hilltowns. Her website is ruthlehrer.com.

What day is it

is the word of the day

We say it over and over as if it matters

As if the name the word will tell us

our future futures

or the day of our death

I’d like to see the spattered underside

of that name we pick, Wednesday

backstopped with a red wool plaid

Tuesday lined with a smatter of feathers

I suppose we should be looking to

the sun for guidance but it’s not 

working out as a solution to 

dark rooms with dark days

and snow on the sky light

on a Thursday

Days used to have numbers

maybe we should start counting again

since who knows maybe

numbers too will cease soon.