The Virus by Dorothy Riehm

Dorothy Riehm: I live in Hampshire county. I live in a co-housing community in Florence with my spouse and have been retired from my work as a social worker/therapist for many years. I have recently gained the title of octogenarian.

The Virus

There is a virus in the air
and it’s determined to spread
everywhere it can.
No more hugging and kissing,
and if we come within six feet of one another
this little monster is waiting to attack.
It’s had enough of our human dominance
and is spreading itself across the planet
trying to bring us down.
And the little bugger is doing a good job.
No longer does it matter
whether we are white or black or brown,
we’re in it together, rich and poor,
it’s all inclusive, democratic.
But, sad to say, its human target
finds compassion and equality
a little problematic.