Standing at the Edge by Kai Carol Jud

Kai Carol Jud, a therapist and retreat leader, lives in Wendell, MA, Franklin County in a little blue house in the woods. She is working on her book called The Way of the Yum, A Memoir of Life, Death and Awakening. 

Standing at the Edge

Standing at the edge,
gone is the path to yesterday,
to that illusive place
we called normal,
that place where we thought we knew,
where days followed days
in orderly progression
in a world we called home,
forever gone.

Standing at the edge,
there’s no going back,
by a tiny bug that isn’t even alive,
that takes over our bodies
so that it can live,
leaving us in fear,
leaving us at the crossroads
at a standstill.

Standing at the edge,
we listen.
They call it Corona,
Corona — the Crown.
Could it be that this is the moment,
the time we’ve been waiting for,
when we open
to wisdom from above,

Standing at the edge,
we can see
one people, one planet
breathing the same air
walking on the same Mother Earth,

no boundaries can separate us,
not race, gender, class or nationality.
We are in this together.
Are we ready?

Standing at the edge,
we are being called
into a new world,
a world where in loving ourselves
we care for each other,
where slowing down
is good
and we begin to remember
what is important.

Standing at the edge,
the message is clear.
We are one,
each person, animal, tree and rock
a part of this elegant creation,
everything locked into everything else,
together dancing life into being.
Can we open our eyes
and see?

Standing at the edge,
loved by the Universe
who wants us to grow.
Like a good mother
she has shown us.
But, know it well.
if we do not listen,
with love, she will speak louder and louder
until finally we wake up.