Ode to tying my shoelaces by Lindsay Rockwell

Lindsay Rockwell’s love of poetry is born from her curiosity of unifying themes of nature, science and theology, as well as her mother’s literary passion. Lindsay is a medical oncologist with the Mass General Cancer Center in Northampton, MA. Lindsay currently lives in Northampton with her wife and three furry children, Blaze, Opal and Huck.

Ode to tying my shoelaces

Old friends
At first we don’t know
where we’re going
One hand swimming
awkward in the air
The other faltering
wanting to find how
and where and when
the thread of us connects

And as my body bends over
Another soul slips away
Another kiss lands
Another seeker is
touched by god
Another gasp
Another gasp
Another gasp

There is still hope of oneness
these laces coming together
from opposite ends
to secure my body