Rightful Rage by Andrea Della Monica

Andrea Della Monica is a former newspaper journalist and creative non-fiction writer whose work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications, including Hippocampus and Glimmer Train. She lives at her homestead in Becket, Massachusetts in beautiful Berkshire County with her two poodles and six Pekin ducks.

Rightful Rage

Sharp-edged rage

Anger’s evolution

Cutting through the haze, slicing the fog and piercing the darkness

When an emotional weapon is used against fear and uncertainty

When distancing and partitions and masks feel more harmful

And the purity of the rage is enriching and wholesome

When the release feels rightful and empowering

When the microscopic dangers put the most vulnerable at risk

And the rage is the panacea

When the media manipulation subsides

When the rainbows emerge

And the body counts stop

The raging is done