Pandemic Ponderings by Ed Orzechowski

Ed Orzechowski, a Straw Dog Authors Guild member from Hampshire County, is the author of You’ll Like It Here—The Story of Donald Vitkus, Belchertown Patient #3394. His work has appeared in The Republican, The Daily Hampshire Gazette, The Journal Register, Early American Life, Southwoods Magazine, and other publications.

Pandemic Ponderings

Twice a day

with metronomic measure

the School Zone sign blinks its silent warning.

But why?


I just touched a doorknob. Is that fatal?


Above the mask, her eyes smile.


When can we Zoom to social nearness?


Our priest stands at the Facebook altar

live streaming the Word of God.

His voice echoes.

Some digital devil has reversed his image

and he blesses himself backwards.


From behind the couch

I watch

with one eye covered.

The reporter is Rod Serling.


Dr. Fauci, does bleach work on narcissism?


Another human approaches.

He crosses the road

and I am relieved.


Beneath the covers

my wife reaches to hold my hand.

We grip tightly.