The View from the Register of the Leverett Village Co-op by Karen L Traub

Karen L Traub lives in the woods of Shutesbury and is a new member of Straw Dog Writers Guild. A student in the Newport MFA, Karen’s first published essay appeared in Brevity Online. She serves on the Editorial Board of Quabbin Quills and is writing a memoir about her local library.

The View from the Register of the Leverett Village Co-op

Fresh baked bread, eggs and cheese
Yogurt, muffins cookies,
Coffee, soymilk, wooden stirrers

New life from the ashes
As people slow down and stay close to home
A food Co-op nearly squashed by big box stores revived
Nourished by our remembered belief that together we can do good

The café wrapped in hazard tape
Marks on the floor where it’s safe to stand
The Covid Do-si-do
Two shoppers pass with care

Gloves, hand sanitizer, bandanas
The nicest grandpa looks like a gangster
Or a cowboy
Faces uncovered
Are now the ones we fear

Rattlesnake Ray
With snazzy pointed sideburns
Sniggers like a cartoon bad guy at my mask
“You look like a doctor”
Next time he comes in he is wearing one

From the register I see
People meeting, not on Zoom
In the flesh, six feet apart
Arms crossed in the sign language for hug
“Stay safe” the new goodbye