Impermanence by Jennifer Delozier

Jennifer Delozier lives in Hampshire County with her husband, Greg and memories of their dog, Jesse. She’s a nature photographer, an organic gardener, and a dedicated writer and poet.


The fear feels permanent. Now. Not before the pandemic was headed our way. Just now. Mid-Virus leaves no room, no gaps in between the balance, the peacefulness, the safety, the healthy life we long for. These remain hidden; let’s not forget they are within us all. COVID19 also feels permanent during this time. I can only remember Pre-Virus as a foggy dream. The Old Normal. Back then. Post-Virus seems like an upcoming dream. Looking ahead. For now, some of us want to escape the masks, escape the social distancing, escape the stay-at-home-stir-craziness, escape the shelter in place. We just want to eat out again, go to the movies, go to the beach in groups of larger than 10. Some of us want to take trips in close quarters with minimal protection by others. A recipe for disaster. There is a widespread sense of being immune and immortal which is completely disrespectful to those on the front lines. The probability of continuous surges. Scientists, the best in the world, determinedly chasing the elusive vaccine. If Post-Virus times are hoped for, promised, or in sight, then perhaps Mid-Virus times will subside, or at the least lessen dramatically. But what about continuous surges? Yes, our economy needs stimulating, and many people need money to feed their families. Those were hoped for, promised-but-not-yet-delivered and seemingly in sight. So far, there isn’t enough money to go around. Small businesses are crumbling and crashing. Some corporations and organizations and people in a bit of power are contributing to the crises we face. Not only social and economic justice, but the sense of humanitarianism that this journey calls for; no, pleads for. If we look at the evolving product, it is still not enough. If we examine the process, we are moving in a direction of global health amidst a way of life we have never known before. economy getting back on track, or people losing their literal lives. The economy getting back on its feet, or people being able to keep their feet under them. Longing for the impermanency of Mid-Virus and of fear. Can we, together, come out the other side, with no one left behind?