Corona, you have laid me bare by Morning Star Chenven

Morning Star Chenven is a writer/musician/ choral director/mother/ grandmother. She is passionate about reversing climate change, singing in the duo “Moonlight and Morning Star,” leading The Wendell Community Chorus. She lives in Franklin County with her husband Moonlight Davis, beside the beautiful Millers River.

Corona, you have laid me bare

Corona, you have laid me bare
Flung up against my walls
of rage and fear

I have railed against my love
And I have railed against myself

Disguised by the horrendous
You have revealed who I am
And I do not like what I see

Little is hidden now
I must look
at myself
And be willing to forgive

This is not an easy thing to do
It is the only thing to do

Now I will walk back
into the lighted meadow
into the meadow
where the apple trees dance
their arms lifted helter-skelter
to the sky

Now’s the time for turning the corner
and looking back
at the beauty
of a blazing amber sun
breaking through the trees

Now’s the time for ceasing to blame

Corona, you have laid us bare
Bare to each other’s souls
Bare to our own