COVID-19 Conundrums (5/12/2020) by Herbert T. Abelson

Herbert T. Abelson is a retired academic physician living in Hampshire County, Granby, MA where he serves on the Board of Health, gardens, writes prose and poetry for which he is always looking for the right words to communicate with his wife, kids, and grandkids.

COVID-19 Conundrums (5/12/2020)

Has Covid-19 down time worked for you? Not so much for me, all that anxiety, boredom and uncertainty especially with me being in the upper death zone which is not helping me feel very confident even about breathing—I consciously hold my breath around anyone suspicious while trying not to touch anything in their wake—what is this doing to OCD hand-washers—hard to see because my glasses are fogged by the bandana face mask which I have to switch-out for a simple surgical mask since the rubber bands keep slipping off the mask and my ears and the mask keeps bunching up and generally looks stupid (stupid is as stupid does, said Forrest and I agree). More face mask regulations coming, but give me a break, who is going to face down that brute saying it’s unconstitutional while showing you he conceals or open carries and people shoot security guards? 

Not saying guidelines are irresponsible, but it is a matter of getting infected, getting sicker, getting into an ambulance, getting to the ER, getting sent to the ICU, getting intubated, getting a Trump wonder drug and getting dead. Getting shot (as above) would be quicker, probably less painful, and certainly less expensive and will make the Base even more base. But that’s a digression from our need to test, with a valid test, be able to interpret the test, mass produce it/them and administer it/them, process and use the results, while simultaneously developing a safe, effective vaccine (or an effective treatment) which would also have to be mass produced, distributed, administered after trials and with records; there will be problems, many, but not too many, but still enough for conceal carry folks to raise their right arms in a defiant salute and declare deep state conspiracy.